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Kickball's Drinking Game

Sloshball Rules

Sloshball rules are the same as kickball rules, with the following exceptions:

  1. In sloshball, all players must have a beer in hand at all times. That means one-handed catches in the outfield.
  2. There is a keg (or case of beer) at 2nd base. Runners (kickers) must finish a beer before continuing to 3rd base. Two runners may be be at 2nd base at any one time. Therefore, if a third runner is coming toward 2nd base, one of the runners on 2nd base must finish their beer and continue to 3rd base or they will be out.
  3. Kickers must alternate between males and females. If there are more males, the rotation must still happen and each female will kick more times per game.
  4. There is no limit to the number of people in the outfield. If there are lots of players on each team, the outfields can get really crowded (which works out well, because some people will be too drunk or too distracted to catch the ball).
  5. Sloshball is fun!  There are no fights or arguments in sloshball. If anyone cares enough to be mad about a play or a bad call, they should be ejected from the game (and from your group of friends).

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What is Sloshball?

Sloshball is a drinking version of kickball. Typically, rules state that players must have a beer in hand at all times, both when they’re kicking and when they’re out in the field. Some versions of sloshball include a keg at first or second base. Creative sloshballers have even been known to have a Slip ‘n Slide from third base to home plate. Sloshball is the most fun game I’ve ever played.

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